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Our Quality System

Quality Assurance

Our quality system is an unwavering assurance of uniformity, adherence to regulations, and continual refinement. We ardently uphold our dedication to rigorous performance metrics, which are firmly entrenched and diligently adhered to across all organizational domains. This commitment underscores our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Custom Plastics, Inc. Molding Machine


On-time Delivery


Measuring Devices


Part Acceptance

Custom Plastics Strategy Checklist


  • Three-phase inspection process
  • Interactive APQP process
  • Statistical analysis
  • PPAP
Custom Plastics Quality Instruments


  • Coordinate-measuring machine
  • Optical comparators
  • Custom-made measurement tools
  • Force gauges
Custom Plastics Quality Inspection


  • Specialized fixtures
  • Multifaceted measurement
  • Impact testing
  • Comprehensive logging

Custom plastics manufactured according to ISO standards

Ensuring a consistent standard of excellence within our product with a meticulous focus on
each step of the of the production process.


We instate a comprehensive, and integrated planning process focused on increasing the value for the customer by achieving a competitive advantage.

Three-phase inspection process:

  • Product is inspected and approved prior to commencing production

  • Periodically inspected in-process during the production run

  • Given a final audit inspection prior to being released for shipment

Interactive APQP:  This process guides the customer's requirements (visual, dimensional, and functional) into a product that conforms to customer's expectations

Statistical Analysis: Industry-leading statistical software provides a wide range of statistical analysis tools and capabilities for robust data analysis.

PPAP: Submissions are carried out to allow customers to evaluate and authorize product samples along with accompanying dimensional studies.

Custom Plastics Quality Strategy


Custom Plastics Quality Instruments

An assemblage of diverse technologies designed to surpass and excel in quality standards.

Coordinate-measuring machine:​ We bring our industry-leading expertise and commitment to the quality process. Enabling higher accuracy, improving efficiency, and helping you keep pace with today's production demands.

Over 3,000 individual measuring devices: 

Meticulously maintained in our calibration system, many are custom gauges (Go/No Go, etc.) fabricated for use on specific parts.

An extensive collection of inspection tools & gauges:

We consistently carry out calibration procedures to ensure their accuracy, meticulously certifying them in accordance with rigorous industry standards.


Quality inspection is vital for quality control. It involves examining, testing, and measuring product attributes against set standards to ensure they meet the required criteria.

Specialized fixtures and custom-made gauges: For specific applications that can simulate mating parts, provide consistent results, or stabilize product for continued measurement with other equipment.

Thorough process and multifaceted measurement: Custom Plastics uses best practices, and follows a strict adherence to standards and specifications to deliver products without defects. We want to ensure your product arrives exactly how you expected.

Custom Plastics Quality Inspection

Comprehensive quality logs: We maintain extensive logs throughout the inspection process in order to provide accountability and aid us in our relentless pursuit of perfection.

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