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Our Brands

Three divisions operating under a single company. Unparalleled creativity making a worldwide difference. We have accessible sales representatives throughout the country, aiming for comprehensive service and convenience. With a wide-ranging customer base including both OEM and proprietary clients.

Custom Plastics Our Brands

Our Proprietary Brands 

Custom Accents
Custom Accents Logo

Custom Accents® has been a leader in the office furniture industry since 1994. With manufacturing capabilities of profile extrusion and injection molded plastics, Custom Accents® is innovating organization for today's office furniture. We design, build, and manufacture products with our full-service engineering and production teams.


Custom Accents® offers a complete line of cable grommets, wire management, storage for height-adjustable tables, below the desk storage, work-flow management accessories, table and furniture connectors, folding table and leg adapters, and much more. Reliable, durable, and beautiful accents for home and commercial office furniture.

Custom Utility
Custom Utility Logo

Established in 1983 as the Electrical Products Division (EPD) of Custom Plastics, Custom Utility has emerged as a reputable entity in the extrusion and molding of electrical materials specifically tailored for the utility industry. Throughout our evolution, we've adapted to meet the diverse demands of clients operating within the utility, transmission, and communication sectors. Our expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, addressing requirements across line construction, maintenance, overhead installations, and underground distribution networks.

Our comprehensive range of products stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional solutions. Whether your focus lies in the protection of utility poles, cables, or wildlife, Custom Utility remains your steadfast partner.

HandiSOLUTIONS Product Display

HandiSOLUTIONS® is a garage and home organization manufacturer specializing in slatwall and accessories. We produce HandiWALL®, the American-made PVC slatwall system that holds 100lbs per square foot and is impervious to water, simple to install with tongue and groove installation, easy to clean, colored throughout, and resistant to scuffs and scratches. Already well known for its wonderful garage applications, HandiSOLUTIONS® is quickly finding its way into other areas of the home and office.


Our customers continue to find that HandiSOLUTIONS® is a perfect fit for organizing mud rooms, pantries, closets, basements, play rooms, home offices, and many other areas of residential and commercial buildings. Nothing else on the market compares to our HandiWALL® and the wide variety of HandiACCESSORIES™.

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