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Engage With Us

For inquiries and project quotations, we invite you to engage with us, we are distinguished mass-production facility specializing in custom extrusion profiles and injection molded parts. We uphold a steadfast commitment to precision and quality, making us an ideal partner for cultivating enduring business relationships.

To facilitate an accurate quotation for your project, we kindly request specific essential information. These details include project specifications, quantities, and any other pertinent data. With this vital information in hand, we will promptly initiate the quotation process.

Please be aware that our components are custom-crafted to align with your unique designs. Consequently, a portion of the quotation will encompass the precise cost of extrusion die or mold tooling. Additionally, you can anticipate receiving piece-part pricing or pricing per unit of measure corresponding to your specified quantities.

To initiate contact or request a preliminary estimate, please take a moment to complete our user-friendly form. We encourage you to attach any relevant documents such as drawings, 3D model files, or PDFs to your submission. Providing supplementary details greatly aids us in expediting the quotation process. For your convenience, here are examples of helpful information:

  • Sample Availability

  • Mating Parts

  • Tolerances

  • Tooling

  • Production Needs (quantities, lead times, etc.)

  • 2D/3D CAD Files, Part Files or Drawings

  • Packaging Requirements (cartons, labels, etc.)

  • Material Specifications

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