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Injection Molding Capabilities

Injection Molding

In a pivotal moment of 1975, we acquired our inaugural injection molding machine, reshaping the Custom Plastics journey. Since then, we've remained steadfast in our pursuit of delivering unsurpassed quality in injection molded parts, all while upholding affordability. Our unwavering dedication fuels an ongoing quest for process refinement and capacity enhancement, ensuring we consistently lead the way in injection molding excellence.

Custom Plastics Molding Machine


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Injection Molders


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Custom Plastics Molding Types

Injection Molding Types

  • Single-, multi-cavity, and family mold
  • Insert molding & overmolding
  • Transfer tooling program
  • Presses from 60 to 720 tons
Custom Plastics Molding Engineering Services

Engineering Services

  • In-house die design and construction
  • Reverse engineering - metal to plastic
  • Part review analysis
Custom Plastics Molding Material Selection

Material Selection

  • Resin review and selection
  • Material partnerships for lowest costs
  • Experts in plastics to advise best resin for your project

Premium Plastic Injection Molding of Exquisite Quality

Looking for exceptional custom molded parts? Look no further! Custom Plastics specializes in delivering top-notch, tailor-made solutions. With our expertise in on-demand injection molding, we provide high-quality prototypes and production parts to meet your unique requirements.

Moldin Types

Injection Molding Types

Focusing on delivering the best quality injection type for your next project 

Single-cavity, Multi-cavity, and Family Mold Options: The mold may feature either one cavity or multiple cavities, each of which can be used to create a single part. A family mold is a mold which combines different parts into the same mold base.

Gas-Assist Molding: A process where an inert gas is injected into the melted plastic pushing it further into the mold and resulting in hollow parts. This allows for complex and intricate designs to be made.

Insert Molding: Involves adding inserts, particularly metal, into an injection-molded part. Placing the insert within the mold cavity occurs before molten plastic injection. Consequently, on cooling, the insert becomes permanently combined with the plastic part.

Overmolding: A method of molding two or more different materials into one plastic part at one time. Commonly employed for molding a rubber-like plastic (such as TPE) onto another custom plastic component.

Custom Plastics Molding Machine

Engineering Services

Engineering Services
Custom Plastics Mold

Save time and money with our in-house Engineering Department and Tool Shop

Part Review Analysis:​ Involves the process of examining your part to extract valuable insights. These insights are then utilized to develop innovative solutions for your product.

Reverse Engineering: Custom Plastics can advise on current designs to determine if they will achieve the customer's needs and meet the standards for manufacturing.

Streamline Sub-Assemblies: Streamlining sub-assemblies is crucial for cost-effectiveness, competitiveness, and future improvements. A smooth and optimized manufacturing process saves labor and time, enabling better customer satisfaction.

Material Selection

Choosing the right material for a project is one of the most important factors in creating perfect plastic parts

Experts In Plastics To Advise Best Resin For Your Project:

Custom Plastics thoroughly evaluates the mechanical requirements, chemical compatibility, environmental suitability, performance, and material shrinkage in order to provide a comprehensive analysis. Based on this analysis, suitable options are then recommended.

Resin Partnerships: Custom Plastics maintains strong alliances with premier resin suppliers across the nation. With a rich legacy spanning over six decades, we have garnered expertise in utilizing certified commodity and specialty resins that align with our rigorous manufacturing benchmarks.

Extensive Analysis and Selection of Resins: ​Progress in polymer science has led to the creation of a wide range of resins to choose from. Our goal is to meet customer requirements by identifying alternative resins that are more readily available and cost-effective.

Custom Plastics Molding Material Selection
Material Selection

Machines & Material Capabilities

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