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The Custom Plastic Story + History

About us

At Custom Plastics, we are driven to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction within a prosperous working environment by providing specialized solutions for injection molding and extrusion projects with a commitment to quality in our processes and end products.

Our History


Custom Plastics, Inc. was established in 1955 and is situated in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, in close proximity to O'Hare International Airport. Learn more about the origins of Custom Plastics, Inc. and how it was founded by a skilled tool and die maker at a young age.


Our ISO-compliant Quality Management System prioritizes measurable results and accountability throughout the organization. Since 2018, we have delivered over 91 million parts and maintained an exceptional customer retention rate of 98%.


In today's dynamic manufacturing industry, it's crucial for manufacturers to secure a dependable component supply. Fortunately, we have a long-standing record of achievements spanning decades, including a remarkable 98% on-time delivery rate over the past three years.


Offer specialized knowledge in design, manufacturing, and fabrication for products created through extrusion or molding processes, along with the inclusion of value-added services during the final stages of production. Culminating in the delivery of the finished product to you or your customers.

Custom Plastics: The Toolmaker Who Took A Chance

Our Story

In the early 1950s, Cosmo Nicolas Tisbo, a skilled tool & die maker working for Superior in Chicago, led a content life with his young family. However, he felt a yearning for more, desiring to shape his own destiny rather than merely being a part of the process. Fuelled by ambition, he made the bold decision to leave Superior and join forces with a family friend. Together, they acquired a rented store space and installed an extruder, allowing them to offer extruded profiles. Cosmo's ingenuity opened doors to new opportunities, leading him on a journey from Chicago to Melrose Park and then to Bensenville. Eventually, he became one of the largest producers of the iconic Whamo "Hula-Hoop" in the United States.

In 1955, the business was officially incorporated as Custom Plastics.

With continued success, the company relocated to its current location in Elk Grove Village around 1965. The turning point came when Cosmo collaborated with an electronics expert to develop raceway duct and covers for housing machine wiring. The joint venture proved immensely successful, propelling the electronics expert's company to global recognition.

Today, Custom Plastics stands as an industry leader with sales worldwide surpassing half a billion dollars. The company's success and reputation have been built upon a foundation of innovation and adaptability. Over the years, Custom Plastics expanded its offerings to include injection molding and even ventured into blow molding for a period. The company added major clients like BRK Electronics, Memorex, and Jensen, performing multiple processes that set them apart from competitors.

Diversifying further, Custom Plastics introduced proprietary lines like Lawn and Garden, which eventually evolved into Suncast® Corporation, relocating to Batavia in 1985. Two more lines, Custom Utility and Custom Accents®, were added within a decade.

Following Cosmo's passing in 1999, Custom Plastics had built a consistent track record of sales growth and a strong reputation. Cosmo's forward-thinking approach led him to initiate the pursuit of ISO 9001 quality certification for the company, which was ultimately achieved in 2002.

Continuing the family legacy, Cosmo's son, Peter Tisbo, had been actively involved in the business since 1982. Taking the helm as President in the late 90s, Peter continues to steer the company today with the same visionary spirit that shaped Custom Plastics' success.

Custom Plastics unveiled its latest achievement, introducing a third proprietary line named HandiSolutions®. This addition showcases the company's unwavering commitment to innovation, uniqueness, and sustained profitability, a testament to the enduring legacy of Cosmo's vision, carried forward by his son, Peter.

Over the years, the company persisted through economic changes, producing and selling millions of pounds of plastic globally. Dedicated and influential employees played a vital role in ensuring the company's stability and success. While many manufacturing businesses have faded away in Elk Grove Village, Custom Plastics remains steadfast on Lunt Avenue, still thriving as a testament to the vision and courage of its founder, the young tool and die maker who took a chance and built a legacy.

Inspired by our past, driven by our future.

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