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Extrusion Capabilities

Profile Extrusion

Custom Plastics, Inc. had its inception with the acquisition of a solitary extrusion machine. Six decades on, our growth is evident, with our extrusion capacity now encompassing 20 extrusion machines. This journey has fortified us with unparalleled experience and expertise, enabling us to consistently manufacture and deliver top-notch parts punctually, reaffirming our commitment to quality and reliability.

Custom Plastics Extrusion Machine


On-time Delivery




Part Acceptance

Custom Plastics Extrusion Types

Extruder Types

  • Vertical, single & twin screw capability
  • Produce profiles up to 14" wide
  • Co- and tri-extrusion capabilities
Custom Plastics Extrusion Engineering Services

Engineering Services

  • In-house die design and construction
  • Reverse engineering - metal to plastic
  • Part review analysis
Custom Plastics Extrusion Material Selection

Material Selection

  • Resin review and selection
  • Application-specific resin choices
  • Material partnerships for lowest costs

Embracing engineering innovation and agility to extend your product lifecycles and improve cost efficiencies.

With an unwavering focus on continuous improvement, Custom Plastics effortlessly harmonizes engineering expertise, product functionality, and cost-efficiency to actively decrease expenditures and eradicate wastage throughout the entire lifespan of your product.

Extruder Types

Extruder Types

Focusing on delivering the best quality extrusion type for your next project 

Profile-extrusion: Single screw extrusion uses one screw within a cylindrical barrel to continuously push plastic through a metal die cut into the desired shape.

Co-extrusion: Plastic co-extrusion is used to create an extruded part with multiple performance characteristics related to the different types of plastic materials. 

Tri-extrusion: Tri-extrusion is fundamentally the same process as co-extrusion, except with three different materials to create a part instead of two.

Custom Plastics Extrusion Machine

Engineering Services

Engineering Services
Custom Plastics Extrusion Die Maintenance

Save time and money with our in-house Engineering Department and Tool Shop

Part Review Analysis:​ Involves the process of examining your part to extract valuable insights. These insights are then utilized to develop innovative solutions for your product.

In-House Die Design and Construction: Custom Plastics can advise on current designs to determine if they will achieve the customer's needs and meet the standards for manufacturing.

Proactive Maintenance of Machinery and Tooling:​ We take a proactive approach to maintaining the highest quality machinery and tools. 

Choosing the right material for a project is one of the most important factors in creating perfect plastic parts

Extensive Analysis and Selection of Resins: Progress in polymer science has led to the creation of a wide range of resins to choose from. Our goal is to meet customer requirements by identifying alternative resins that are more readily available and cost-effective.

Experts in Plastics to Advise Best Resin for Your Project:

Custom Plastics thoroughly evaluates the mechanical requirements, chemical compatibility, environmental suitability, performance, and material shrinkage in order to provide a comprehensive analysis. Based on this analysis, suitable options are then recommended.

Resin Partnerships: We maintain strong alliances with premier resin suppliers across the nation. With a rich legacy spanning over six decades, we have garnered expertise in utilizing certified commodity and specialty resins that align with our rigorous manufacturing benchmarks.

Custom Plastics Extrusion Die, Profile and Material
Material Selection

Machines & Material Capabilities

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