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Custom Plastics, Inc. is a mass-production facility specializing in custom extrusion profiles and injection molded parts. We have a strong commitment to both accuracy and quality, and understand the importance of finding a company to have a lasting partnership with. In order to ensure that we provide you with the most accurate quotation possible for your project, we will need to obtain certain vital pieces of information including, but not limited to:

  • 3D Part Files or Drawings
  • Material Specifications
  • Production Needs (quantities, lead times, etc.)       
  • Tolerances
  • Sample Availability
  • Mating Parts


Once all of these pieces of information have been acquired, we can begin working on a formal quotation for you. As all parts produced by Custom Plastics, Inc. are based on your company's unique design, a portion of the quote is dedicated to providing you with an accurate extrusion die or mold tooling cost. Your quotation will also include piece part pricing (or pricing per foot) for your requested quantities. 

Contact us today by filling out this form.  A drawing, 3D model file, or PDF must be included in your submission, otherwise please email sales@customplasticsinc.com or info@customplasticsinc.com for all other inquiries.  



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