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 Plastic FAQ

1.  Which is better - Extrusion or Molding?

Usually, part design dictates which process can be used.  The most significant difference between extrusion and molding is the tooling cost and build time.  Extrusion typically has a faster turnaround time and lower tooling costs, especially on exploratory projects.  Whereas molding can be more economical on piece part and easier for secondary operations.

We will guide you based on your needs as to which process is best for you. Even if it takes (re)designing the part for you, we will get it done.

2.  How do I choose the right plastic material?

There are many conditions and requirements for the right plastic material for your project.  Temperature, ultraviolet exposure, impact, chemical compatibility, clarity, and general cosmetics are some common expectations.  Once the expectations are defined, we consider part geometry, volume, and cost.  Our Engineering team will help you make the best selection.  We can recommend alternatives that will keep you within your budget each and every time.

3.  How can I get molded parts faster?  I can't wait the 16 weeks to have a mold built.

The 16 week lead time refers to when the tool is built offshore.  Typically about halfway through the lead time, sampling takes place at the tool shop.  One option to receive molded parts faster is to order a pilot run while the tool remains at the shop.  We always air ship the exact material quoted for sampling purposes.  Another option is to ship the tool back in via air frieght, which typically cuts about four weeks off the lead time.  We will determine the best alternative to expedite your initial production run that is the most economical option for you.

4.  I have a concept of a part to be made, but require resources on part design; can you help me with that?

Custom Plastics, Inc. is very capable of assisting in product part design due to the fact that a portion of our business is proprietary in nature and we already experience the demands of product development and design. Additionally, our ISO certification is two part: first in processing, and second in product development and design.

We can assist in product part design, but having a current drawing or model file will help the process move along much faster.  Or, if you are not at that stage yet, we can utilize local outside help to assist in your design.

We can offer an array of capabilities regarding product development that ultimately leads to customer satisfaction, and a production opportunity for Custom Plastics, Inc.

5.  I require plastic parts, but much more beyond that, like assembly, packaging, direct drop ship, etc. Can you do any of that?

Custom Plastics, Inc. prides itself on offering our customers value-added services well beyond simply producing plastic parts. In many situations, we have embraced services in our shop that either the customer would have to perform and/or outsource themselves. This includes additional part fabrication, assembly, purchasing and packing of component materials, and drop shipping, to name a few.

We want to be your one-stop shop for all of your plastic manufacturing needs.